renntech for porsche

Seems to me like "the big story" is sort of overlooked here, which is that RENNtech is making tuning products for PORSCHE now, as well as Mercedes-Benz and McLaren Cars.

The official release is shown below.

RENNtech, best-known as a high-end aftermarket tuner for Mercedes and McLaren automobiles, has recently added Porsche to the growing list of brands it supports.

"We're taking the process of introducing new product lines slowly," explains Hartmut Feyhl, president of RENNtech and former technical director at AMG North America. "We want to be sure that we can offer products that meet the standard set by RENNtech's Mercedes-Benz product, which is very high."

RENNtech has worked under the banner "performance without compromise." since its inception in 1989, and every product sold by RENNtech must meet Feyhl's strict approval. "Every product has to do something that adds to the performance of the car. With the new Cayenne Porsche, we have the digital lowering module and ECU upgrades for now, with RENNtech specific wheels coming very soon."

RENNtech's digital lowering module for Porsche's Cayenne features 3 microprocessors that constantly communicate with the car's existing on-board systems (unlike other lowering products that "trick" the stock systems). RENNtech's lowering module allows owners to set the car 50 mm below the stock setting, with 8 levels of adjustability for each of the front wheels and the rear axle. "Customers can lower the car so it's level, or lower the front more than the rear for a 'raked' look. Some customers might want to lower the rear of the car for more weight transfer at a drag strip. The lowering module lets them do that."

RENNtech's digital lowering module for Porsche Cayenne is available through RENNtech and RENNtech Authorized Resellers for $1195. ECU upgrades to 530 hp and 575 lb-ft are available for Cayenne Turbo and Turbo S models.