sikk new rims from renntech

RENNtech finally released it's new '08 line of performance wheels - a 3 pc. version of RENNtech's signature 10 spoke design, and a super exclusive, ultra-limited-edition anthracite 5 spoke for S and CL class MB's.

The new 10 spoke, based on the 1 pc. "Monolite" design, can be had in anodized, chrome, and brushed satin finishes. "The satin finish is really something unique," offers Hartmut Feyhl, president of RENNtech and ex technical director at AMG North America. "It's not the same kind of brushed finish you see on mass-produced wheels - you can only do a finish like this on a true forged wheel. It's hard to capture the effect on camera."

He's right - the wheel just looks AWESOME in person, and "really nice" in pictures. Either way, RENNtech's new wheels (drawn up by Albert Echazabal, ex OZ and BMW design) make a serious High Performance statement, marking the first time RENNtech offers 22" wheels to its customers.

At 28 lbs., the new 3 pc. wheels reduce unsprung weight compared to the stock Mercedes-Benz or AMG wheels, improving the car's handling and contributing positively to ride quality as well - keeping true to RENNtech's motto of "performance without compromise". Feyhl is also quick to point out that reduced weight and superior dynamic qualities are not the only benefits of his new wheels. "These wheels are lighter and stronger than stock wheel. This is especially important for drivers who participate in track events like the AMG Experience."

As with any RENNtech wheel, these are limited editions that, in any finish, will be extremely rare -so even in white-hot car markets like South Beach or Beverly Hills, RENNtech customers can be sure they won't "pull up next to themselves at a stoplight."