renntech mpg tune

After kicking off 2008 by showing a new flex-fuel version of its XR50 rotary kart racing engine, RENNTECH - the South-Florida Mercedes-Benz tuning firm best known for building outrageously powerful automobiles for some of the world's pickiest car enthusiasts - claimed that its next-generation tuning software would focus on a "greener" sort of high-performance.

Today, RENNTECH began offering a "next-generation" ECU software package that improves horsepower while delivering impressive gains in fuel efficiency. On Mercedes' 3-valve V8 cars, RENNTECH is claiming a 2 mpg improvement at highway speeds, and an incremental improvement in city driving, all while delivering an additional 12-20 hp, depending on model.

Hartmut Feyhl, RENNTECH's president and ex technical director of AMG North America, believes RENNTECH's new software will further cement that message in the public's mind. "We have in-house engineers that are doing software full-time, and others that work with the software on a part-time or contract basis. We are always looking for improvements. The latest software takes advantage of the increased processing power of the new engine computers, and allows us to make a number of small improvements that add up to a big 'overall' improvement," says Feyhl. "It really is that 'next-generation' sort of product that is much more advanced than what anyone was capable of offering before. Compared to earlier versions, our new software gives more power, better drivability, a smoother power curve, and even better gas mileage."

With a low-emission, flex-fuel racing engine and new "higher-mileage" tuning software now on sale, RENNTECH is taking important steps towards becoming an environmentally responsible performance tuner.

Available for:
- w210 E430, E500, and E55 AMG
- w211 E500 and E55 AMG Kompressor
- w208 CLK430 and CLK55 AMG
- w209 CLK500 and CLK55 AMG
- r171 SLK55 AMG
- w215 CL500, CL55 AMG, and CL55 AMG Kompressor
- w220 S430, S500, S55 AMG, and S55 AMG Kompressor
- r230 SL500 and SL55 AMG Kompressor
- w463 G500, G55AMG and G55 AMG Kompressor
- w163 ML430, ML500, and ML55 AMG
- w203 C55 AMG

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