Should Sunshine Supercars stay in Florida? That's one question that popped up today - in between some karting insanity - and I have to wonder if anyone reading this site would really Care. Of course, the whole idea is to talk about how great the supercar scene in Florida is, not to create YET ANOTHER general-interest automotive news blog. Now, to be fair, the "coverage" has been a bit RENNTECH-centric, but I have a pretty good "in" at the place, and there isn't much else going on - at the moment - that has much national appeal.

SO, the question again: should this site stay Flor'da-centric, or should we spend some time re-interpreting the word "sunshine" to mean - oh, I don't know ... convertibles? Sports cars from sunny places?

It's pretty sunny in Arizona. Nevada, too.

In any event, I might enjoy expanding things a bit ... so let me know what YOU think by using the poll at right (if more than 4 people vote, I'll be pretty impressed).

PS: please ignore the horrible grammar hovering above the poll question. Blogger won't let me edit the poll now that votes have been recorded.