black sl65 ... if not sl65 black

Another dark and story afternoon in South Florida almost meant that there would be no new photos of this black 2009 SL65 AMG ... a shame, really, since this would likely be the last SL to wear the limited-edition diamond cut 1 pc. RENNTECH Monolite wheels (it really was limited - and not just by how many we could sell!). The key word, obviously, being "almost".

As young Cress pointed out: "that 65 looked SIKK out there", and I was able to snap off a few quick shots of the hastily dried-off car in between the downpours.

The end result, I think, looks great - and, while it's not the "all about Arizona" news week I had previously promised (not my fault: there's been a new SLR speedster, SL65 Black Series, and a few more "secret" rumblings to keep me busy these past few days) I hope you all find it somewhat entertaining.

Click on the pic above to go to the Flickr site, or CLICK HERE for more photos.

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