mad photo skillz

Ever since Neff at Autoblog called me out for photoshopping his Bentley Flying Spur pics, I've started to take the whole "take your own photos" thing more seriously. Since then, of course, things have gotten way out of hand, with Dennis and I having spent ridiculous sums of money on cameras, light-boxes, lenses, etc. (well into the thousands) to be able to call ourselves "photographers" ...

... or, at least, "prosumers".

ANYWAY, Neff has encouraged this insanity and law-abiding by actually publishing some of my/our photos - and you, dear reader, must now suffer through my delusions of photographic grandeur until I either break the camera, lose the camera, or otherwise get over it.

Until then: I thought this pic of RENNTECH's 20" satin-ceramic wheels on a lowered PKG3 CL65 was just freakin' awesome.

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