missed dates and blackbirds

Wow - take a few weeks off from 'blogging and you really do miss quite alot ... I don't know how guys like Jack and Neff and Hardigee do it.

Hats off.

In any event, in those 2 little weeks I happened to miss the 1 year anniversary of my own 'blog (a non-event, really), the start of the Gumball (sort of an event), and a number of MB, RENNtech, Mosler, Talbo, Rinspeed, and JD3 related "real" events that could have made this little corner of the blogosphere a happening place to be, for once!

These things happen. Consider the clip above, featuring rally driver extraordinaire Alex Roy showing off the one-of-a-kind Audi R8 blackbird ... it's what the cool kids will be driving at next year's Gumball and Silver state.

CLICK HERE for the original Autoblog link.

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