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Since today's posts are more "bikini-based" than "car-based", it may be a perfect day to post all manner of random bullshit ... in this case, an episode of Penn and Teller's cable TV show, "Bullshit".

This episode (embedded, above) is all about the apocalypse, the end of the world as we know it, and all the whack-jobs, psychopaths, and Southern Baptists that make their livings fleecing good people who don't know any better. Now, as Penn points out, this may just be a case of "Christians" conning Christians, but that hardly makes the "doom and gloom" industry any more appetizing, you know?

Penn and Teller (wisely?) resist the urge to go after the green-weenies at the Sierra Club, Al Gore, and every mush-brained liberal arts major that has an opinion on economic or environmental policy. Despite the glaring omission, it's still a fun episode, and a great way to kill some time at work (not that we read blogs at work, of course).

yes, I think I will have fries with that.

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