six wheels of terror

It was the patriot Nathan Hale (age 21) who once said, "I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country."

When I was 21 I might have said something crazy like that. Now, older and significantly sneakier than I was in my youth, I would probably try and live to fight another day ... that, or immediately switch sides. Not sure.

What I am sure about, however, is that the Kervorkian Flyer up there has got to be the Baddest ride this side of that large hadron collider thing that's gonna kill us all - assuming, of course, THAT THING UP THERE, with its 180 hp 1000cc Yamaha R1 engine and 6-forward-speed transmission doesn't kill us all first!

Just look at it!


I'm already trying to get financing. Anyone interested in donating to the cause can send money to my PayPal account.


CLICK HERE to view the original eBay listing.

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