some people have no taste: miami

I was raised, for better or worse, a Miami Florida-boy.

On some days, this means I can hold my head up high and, in perfectly rational and objective terms, tell anyone who'll listen that Dan Marino was the best quarterback ever to play the game and that the Grand Prix of Miami street races were the highpoint of human civilization.

Other days, though, I have to hang my head in shame while the unofficial capital city of South America trots out a bunch of Scarface pretenders, silicon socialites, and limp-dick literati to swoon over whatever it is the ArtBasel idiots are doing.

With the second-rate "culture" of Miami as a cornerstone of my upbringing, I didn't even have to read TopSpeed's article on this monstrosity - on my mother's grave, I swear I took one look at this thing and though "that HAS to be in Miami".

If there was ever an objective standard to determine the real merit and value of Art, I would use it to smack no-talent swine like Romero Britto.

Seriously, people - please Please PLEASE stop these idiots from trashing any more cars.

CLICK HERE to induce vomiting.

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