here come da' judge

E is running a contest ... and I (pronounced "Aah" with a long, Foghorn-leghorn sort of Suth'n drawl), I say, I are one of the judges.

The basic idea is "What if your ex ran a personal ad?", and the lovely E (who runs the Geek's Dreamgirl blog) challenged her readers to come up with funny/brutal personal ads that summarized their relationships. The details can be read about hea, but that's not really important.

What IS important, of course, is that I can be bribed.

Beyond that, however, is the importance of my own voice being heard and my witty (!?) comments finding an audience.

To that end, I'm posting my "entry" below.

32 y/o tall, viking-like SWF with pronounced Jersey accent looking for spineless, helpless doormat for me to pee on (you'll love it!). Must make less money than me and MUST be ready to breed ... like, NOW!

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