epic run - 750 hp renn slr on switzer dyno

The video above shows a fantastic Switzer-prepared SLR McLaren coupe putting out 600 hp at the wheels - that's almost 750 hp at the crank!

This SLR makes use of RENNTECH's SLR PKG1 performance upgrades and the latest version of the RENN's SLR McLaren software. Each SLR engine is assembled by hand at AMG, of course, and there are sometimes slight variances, but this is still one STRONG build - Switzer (the RENN's primary Ohio dealer) did a fantastic job getting all the ponies out of the car on pump gas (RENNTECH claims 722 hp at the crank, or just under 580 hp at the wheels).

Dyno sheet (below) provided by SPI.

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