holy freakin hell

Recently, I posted an item about an incredible (albeit, virtual) post-apocalyptic jet-powered buggy titled "Screw Batman, and His Wussy Tumbler". Even though it wasn't fully real, I truly thought it would be years before I saw something so unspeakably badass again.

I was wrong.

So. Very. Wrong.

The 3-wheeled death-tickler above makes the Dark Knight's batpod look like the Barbie Vespa, and is very, Very REAL.

It's called the Blastolene Hemi, and (as the name implies) it is a one-off trike built around a massive, supercharged Hemi V8, and one look at the 240 mph speedo is your first clue that these guys are Serious ...

... the awesome, over-engineered front brake, steering, and suspension systems are the second.

Autoblog just posted a dozen or so hi-res images of this thing. CLICK HERE to see those ... I'm going off to write my Christmas letter to Santa (a little early this year).

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