things that make my brain itchy, part 2

(cue the Twilight Zone music)

German carmaker Audi is the official sponsor of Barack Obama's inauguration.

No, this is not the Weekly World News. It's not even some totally made-up BS propaganda like the WSJ.

This is real, so sayeth trusted American news source The Truth About Cars, who quotes Scott Keogh (Audi's chief marketing officer/talking head) as saying that “the uncommon shared experience of the inauguration offered a remarkable opportunity to connect with Americans. In honoring this historic moment, Audi is also communicating the inherent spirit of progress and innovation that is the core of our corporate DNA.”

Sure, Scott. Whatever you say. CLICK HERE for the original TTAC article.

Happy MLK day, everyone!


  1. Seriously? Is the presidency up for sponsorship now? OMG...what if the government goes NASCAR on us? The U.S. House of Representatives brought to you by Fixodent.

  2. All I can say is that come tomorrow evening I'll be a lot more favorably disposed to Benz and BMW than I am now.