so much for structure

A few weeks ago, I tried to enforce some structure onto my little blog. In an effort to "ramp up" my writings, I'd decided to make Sunshine into a sort of "morning news source" for (what I considered to be) important car-nerd happennings.

Since making that anouncement, I haven't written a damned thing.

Not one post. Not one draft. Not one press release. Nothing.

It is a part of my perverse nature to rebel against structures and expectations, but this crazed rebellion against even the most benign and self-imposed pretense at structure is really terrifying - as most revelations of the self tend to be.

The most terrfiying part of all this? AdSense claims my daily traffic has gone UP since I stopped posting!

Well, if that's the way it's gonna be then I have just one thing to say: SCREW YOU PEOPLE!

Just for that, it's out with the new and in with the old - I've brought back both the UM inspired green/orange color scheme AND "the geek shall inherit the Earth" attitude that regularly pissed off all three of my regular readers.

That's what you get when you cross me, people. You brought this on yourselves.

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