pinky and the blain


Some lessons you pick up early. Case in point: while fighting with my fellow Borras' over the relative merits of various pizza toppings (a fight which would inevitably and immediately be followed by a second fight - over who would be tasked with communicating whatever irritating and impossible concoction of variables we had finally "decided" on to Domino's), I learned that a consensus - ANY consensus - was not an easy thing to reach.

I struggled with this throughout my college life, spent mostly in philosophy and political science classes where debate after debate seemed to call specifically for some sort of general consensus on topics far more lofty than the usual Borras-level "salami v. pepperoni v. the Borras' who realize Domino's doesn't offer salami as a topping in the US" topic.

All the same, in my time on this Earth I have found that there are some truths - precious few, in fact - that are clearly universal, and upon which we can all agree.

Most prominent among these: Japan is crack.


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