As many of you know, I put a lot of hours into this business. When I am at work I tend to work, and when I am at home I tend to work. When I am at bookstores I read car mags. When I am in bars I talk to the guy next to me about what he drives. When I sleep, I dream of galloping elephants.

In short: I am obsessed.

The guys I work with are obsessed, too.

We are obsessive people. This is why we get along.

All the same, every once in a while we simply ask too much of ourselves, and run out of hours in a day. On those occasions, we make customers wait. We apologize and plead for patience, sacrificing animals to the supply gods, the shipping gods, and the coffee gods alike, each time praying that the next moment will bring us whatever part, bolt, screw, or "Boojie" that is missing to complete the task at hand.

Or maybe, that's just what we WANT you to think - and we're really just rubbing up on sexy, sexy cars while you're not looking!


That was a classic bit from The Kids in the Hall!

Hope you enjoyed it.

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