angry green girls


For those of you who haven't yet watched the good Reverend Charles' debut video, go ahead and watch it now. We'll wait.

Everyone who HAS seen it, though, can probably guess that Charlie's crazy-eye face down there sent me into such peels of laughter that writing just about anything seemed nigh impossible. Something, then, must have snapped me out of it - but what?


That, dear friends, is Angry Green Girl's "Shameless Hybrid Bikini Carwash", wherein several of LA's hottest greeniacs stripped away any excess coverings and lathered up any lucky hybrid car that happened by ...

and, brother, did they happen by!

The story was picked up by Jalopnik, Autoblog, and others, but doesn't do much to really explain the Angry Green Girl cause. I've reached out with a few questions, however, and if I hear back you'll be the first to know.

In the meantime, head on over to Jalopnik's bikini carwash photo gallery for more Angry Green Girl fun in the LA sun.

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