optimus prime is in serious trouble


Oh ho HO!

See that, kiddies? Before you dismiss these little sketches as the work of a very talented fan, you should know that Luxoflux is the company responsible for the Transformers console games, and that the movie's producers are heavily involved in every aspect of the movie's merchandise.

SO, what we have here is honest-to-goodness Transformer concept art for the new Revenge of the Fallen console game, and it is exactly what it looks like: a Decepticon that transforms into a Mercedes SLR McLaren 722 GT.


Hoo-boy! I gotta sit down.

As my regular reader will no doubt tell you, there are very few things in life that get me right in the britches. Chief among these, however, are Transformers movies and McLaren's SLR GT. I know Bay's movies take a lot of flak for their "plots" and the SLR takes a lot of flak for being a bit portly, but the fact remains that both the films and the car are technological marvels, and something as crude as a semi-tractor would have a tough time with this particular robotic baddie.



That one turns into a Lamborghini Reventon.

Excited, yet?

Both of these hyper-exotic Transformers are labelled "Stunticon", which (in the cartoons) was the name given to a group of especially psychotic Decepticons who combined to form the giant Menasor, made up of a Porsche, Lambo (Breakdown, above), an F1 car, and a wicked-bad, jet-black semi-tractor.

Now, I haven't seen any Menasor concept art (yet), but I can tell you this already: I cannot wait for Transformers 3.

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