sunshine superchik | part iii

This week, I'm looking for what may be the last of the red-hot Mohicans.

I had been instructed to write a post about cars, though, and not Mohicans. This is supposed to be the only best blog what matters most, of course - but that's cars, I guess. Whatever.

There is something I learned recently that matters much more than any piddly little car: none of the attractive native-American characters I've seen on stage or screen has been played by anything resembling an authentic native-American.

None. Zero. Not even Iron Eyes Cody, the crying Indian who taught us all that littering was bad.

I've secretly loved watching these "native-American" guys since I was a little girl, and remember admiring strong features on shows like Bonanza and the Lone Ranger. It was Daniel Day-Lewis in Last of the Mohicans, though, who finally did me in. Even Magua, the evil dude in that movie, held some allure.

Of course, Daniel Day-Lewis is NOT native-American, however. He is not even close. He is not even Italian. His mother was Jewish. His father was Irish. He grew up in London.

I am now utterly confused, and have begun to wonder if this lack of "authentic" native hott-ness is part of a vast Hollywood conspiracy to "keep the red man down" - or maybe when the Europeans got here, there simply weren't any good-looking natives.

A quick Google search just gave me back pictures of Day-Lewis again, but I am not giving up! I still have hope! Armed with that hope, I am going to a real, honest-to-goodness "native pow-wow" later this month, camera in hand, to hunt down some red-hot native action.

I'll get back to you with the photographic evidence of whatever I find. In the meantime, try to keep yourselves busy by sending me all the "good-looking Indian" pictures you can find ... maybe I'll drive there in a cool car or something.

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