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If you say "Godzilla" three times, the damned thing appears smack in the middle of your quiet little liberal-arts town!

The original winner of the "I Ate Tokyo" Super Lucky Buffet Charrenge showed up on Monday while I was chatting up the Godzilla Theme Week during a typical lunch break at Oberlin's Java Zone.

Considering Java Zone's veggie-heavy menu, it should come as no surprise that there was very little "scurrying" fare to be had. As such, the big G zeroed-in on the next best thing: a super-greasy pizza.


In this case, "Frankie's Pizza" is both a literal and figurative name, since the thin crust basil-pesto, fresh tomato, red onion, black olive, and mozzarella masterpiece shown here is actually called Frankie's Pizza" on the Java Zone menu, and it actually was my pizza!

Like I said: Java Zone offers all sorts of vegetarian dishes at relatively cheap (private liberal-arts college) student prices. The employees with the sexy accents are all from some Greek or European or Mediterranean or Middle Eastern country way out there near East Texas, so there's quite a bit of regional influence in the remaining two-thirds of the hummus, baba ganoush, moussaka, sumac spiced menu, as well.

I should also mention another excellent item on the menu: the free wi-fi that kept me sane while the local yokels were responsible for setting up my internet connection.

Sad to report, however, that as good as the pizza was - Godzilla had the temperament of a five year old, and was not an ideal dining companion. Rather than try his own food, he played with the pizza, set it on radioactive fire, then refused to eat it.

6 bucks I'll never get back ...

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