lotus v. unintended acceleration

I was thoroughly enjoying this article on Lotus' slick new Evora GT when something a bit - strange - caught my attention. See if you see it, too.
Now that [Lotus] is preparing to launch an all-new model to boost its standing and appeal to a different type of buyer. With four seats, a Camry V6 and a fully trimmed interior, we have to ask: Will the Evora become the new Esprit?

Toyota's involvement with Lotus has been heavily publicized in the past, having been heralded as Lotus' ticket to volume, reliability, and mainstream adoration. Why is it then, that along with all the news pummeling Toyota in recent weeks, I haven't heard anything about a massive Lotus safety recall on the big car sites?


Examiner writer Marci Stone picked up on Lotus' impending recalls a few weeks ago, but a quick Google search (at 11:30PM EST on 20FEB2010) reveals that she's pretty much the only one. Indeed, automotive.com doesn't currently list a single throttle or ECU-related recall.

Still, while such a recall may be seen as a huge chink in Toyota's armor, most of the Lotus drivers I know run full-throttle to the grocery store, so I doubt they'd even notice (or complain) about "sudden acceleration", but all that Camry talk has sort of taken the bloom off this rose lotus, as far as I'm concerned.

Maybe I'll start looking into a Hawk HF2000, instead.

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