big beginnings

There have been so many huge changes and new developments and stunning realizations for me these past few weeks, I hardly know where to begin ... or if I should begin at all, honestly. This is a goofy, geeky car-blog, after all, not an self-indulgent excuse to spill my guts.

In my experience, spilling your guts is exactly as attractive as it sounds. Still, I believe I should make a few things plain.

First, I am no longer the sales manager of Switzer Performance. I have no hard feelings towards Tym or the crew there, but it's time for me to pursue something a bit more "me". I'll still be working on Tym's website, answering any questions that come in through email, etc., but I am no longer a part of the shop's day-to-day operations.

Second, I am no longer doing things I do not like to do. I like reading, I like writing, and I absolutely love lording my knowledge and experience over the other humans. Luckily, the guys at Gas 2.0 have agreed to give me a chance to try my hand at automotive writing, welcoming me with open arms and enthusiasm (again) and encouraging me to do just that.

Third, I have come to realize that I would be nowhere in life without people like Mike Switzer, Jody Moeggenberg, Frankie Berti, and Nalan Li, who continue to be incredibly supportive of my (potentially suicidal) decision to pursue a more "freelance" sort of existence.

Today is August 20th, so (while I'm here) I want to say "Happy Birthday" to mom, "I love you" to dad and Allison, and "come home soon" to Nalan, who is imposing her pointy little will on me from Brooklyn this weekend.

Thanks to everyone, then, for everything these past few weeks. I hope you stick around, too - because things are really starting to get interesting.

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