louisa makes it beautiful


If I had a list of people I know who should be rich and famous, The Shondes' Louisa Rachel Solomon would be at the top of it, since no one else is really still pushing the kind of Riot Grrl punk that made me really fall for music back in the 90's.

Which reminds me: danke, Mike!

This is Louisa, in action.


That video is from The Shondes' national tour earlier this year, and - no matter how dark and cold and windy it gets in Chicago, and no matter how much harder some things are than I thought they'd be, and no matter how much I worry and fret and fuss - Solomon's shiver-inducing voice and The Shondes' "Heavens to Betsy + a political message + violins + actual talent" formula always gets my head back where it should be.

Press "play" up there, and enjoy.

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