larry crowne is my buddy


Genuine Scooters are sponsoring a national campaign to promote the new Universal film "Larry Crowne" (starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts)

"Larry Crowne" is the story of a 50 year old man (played by Hanks) who is trying to re-invent himself, enrolling in college and joining a scooter gang in Los Angeles ... which is pretty much what I did after my divorce.

50 Genuine riders - on all manner of Buddy and Stella scooters - will accompany Tom Hanks on an escorted Scooter convoy through the streets of Hollywood en route to the movie's world premier next week. Philip McCaleb, CEO of Genuine, seems pretty jazzed by the whole thing, saying "we can't wait. We're all riding together and the rumor is that Julia Roberts will be joining us riding in a 'Larry Crowne' taxi - a Genuine Stella scooter fitted with a Scooterworks sidecar!"

Phil has high hopes for the movie's impact on scooter culture in the US, as well, calling the movie "the biggest promotion of scooters and scooter culture since Ace Face and the Who." With gas cresting over $5/gal in parts of the US, this might be the perfect summer for scooterists to establish dominance over cage-riders enjoy a bit of summer movie limelight.

As part of the promotion for Hanks' new movie, 18 US cities will have contests to win opening-night tickets, and Genuine will be sponsoring a grand prize in each city: a brand-new Genuine St. Tropez Buddy 150 cc scooter (why yes, that is St. Tropez blue).

Head on over to your local Genuine dealer for more info., and good luck!

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