ever so slightly off topic ...

The following is just a *bit* off topic, being not exactly about cars and not exactly about South Florida - but it's directly related to the article I posted a few weeks back about the Aixro "crazy, mental" kart engine from RENNtech. Although the motor was not directly mentioned in the article, driver Jamie Ferrell (one of the most successful drivers in WKA history) has been running the Aixro.

This article (from AutoRacingDaily.com) lets you follow the action from last weekend's event. Keep checking in, as Ferrell (again with the Aixro) is heading to the nationals in Tulsa this Christmas on his way to that no. 1 spot on the WKA list!

The Lucas Oil IKS series brought another exciting karting event to the general public, this time in Greenwood Indiana a southern suburb of Indianapolis. The weather was nice but very hot for September with the temperatures in the mid 90’s. Robert Stout and his Lucas Oil #457 MKP Birel Hotlicks Special had his tank full of Torco race fuel, the kart had been meticulously prepared by Super Tuner Todd Bellew and Stout was ready to take the NeWave Televisions sponsored machine to the front of a stacked field.

Stout entered two classes with the Lucas Oil IKS series, TAG Heavy and TAG Lite. The first Qualifying session was for TAG Heavy and Stout went out and put on a show going three wide at one point passing people in front of him in a spectacular display of car control. He qualified on the pole by 6 tenths of second but the day wasn’t done yet.

In TAG Lite he would have one of the biggest names in the sport for the past 10 years “Kyle Weigand” up against him. Robert said “Kyle is why we are here! We want to race the best and Kyle is one of those guys. He’s a great guy and we know him and his father very well. He has been ranked number 1 in the nation and is always in the top 5, there’s no question that he is one of the best in the country. I was also happy to see Jamie Ferrell here who is the 2nd winningest driver in WKA history, he is another top notch driver”.

When the TAG Lite qualifying session was over Stout had again put his Lucas Oil #457 Hotlicks Special on the pole this time by 3 tenths of a second over Weigand.

At the start of the TAG Heavy A feature outside pole sitter Scott Hamble #96 took the early lead as Stout crossed the car up trying to miss him as he entered the turn but it didn’t even last a lap until Stout got back around him and then checked out bringing home the first win of the day and giving him a shot at his first perfect weekend.

“Hamble is another tough guy and the 2nd to None Team has helped us at the events as well but this time I was able to get around him and take the win. The guy I was worried about was Ferrell, he hurt an engine Saturday and didn’t qualify so he started in the back but by the time we finished he had worked his way up to second”.

The TAG Lite race was next and as expected the three national event drivers put on a show for the fans in the city streets of Greenwood. Stout grabbed the early lead over Weigand and the two immediately went side by side. “I knew he’d be there and this is what I live for! It’s awesome to know your racing someone good enough to go through the turns with you side by side and never touch”. The battle went on between Stout and Weigand for about 4 laps with Weigand trying to take the lead three or four times but Stout was able to fight off every attempt.

While Stout and Weigand were busy with each other Ferrell #1 was picking off positions from the back and had worked his way up behind Weigand, just about then Weigand’s engine broke and he pulled to the side opening up a clear lane to Stout. Over the next few laps Ferrell made a charge to catch Stout and with 3 laps to go the dog fight for the second win of the day began but it would be with Ferrell instead of Weigand.

“Wow now that was fun, I wish we would have won it but it was still fun. Jamie and I had a great last two laps, I think we passed each other back and forth about three times. The last time I thought I had enough for the win but at the last moment he stuck his nose in”. On the last turn of the last lap Ferrell and Stout went through the final turn side by side and it was a drag race to the finish line. Ferrell just edged him out by. 051 Thousandths of a second. “The guys here with the Lucas Oil IKS series did a great job all weekend and it’s been hot like almost 100 degrees. It’s cool because these guys are bringing the show to the people. Street racing can be dangerous but the good part is a lot of these people would never go to a kart track on their own. If we bring it to them it will help the sport grow which will be good for everyone including the local tracks in the area. After watching us today I’m sure there will be people buying karts with their kids and enjoying some great racing of their own”.