renntech + ditec = shiny new toys

DITEC International, a paint preservation and protection company focused on providing cars, airplanes, motorcycles and boats with protection and preservation services, announced today that the company has entered into an agreement with RENNtech, one of the nation's foremost authorities on high-end performance cars, which certifies RENNtech as an authorized  DITEC Service Provider.

Since 1989, RENNtech's focus has been the engineering and development of superior aftermarket performance products for Mercedes-Benz, offering their customers 700 hp supercars that are every bit as refined and reliable as a "factory" Mercedes. The DITEC certification gives RENNtech an additional competitive edge in the aftermarket performance industry.

"It really is an amazing process, the engineering behind the products is just fantastic. The most important thing for RENNtech is to provide a fully integrated tuning package that makes the car perform better, look better, and, ideally, work better. DITEC offers a product that does all of that, and stands behind its product with a six year warranty. Ditec's approach fits well with RENNtech's motto of 'performance without compromise," explains Hartmut Feyhl, RENNtech's president and former technical director at AMG North America.

"Over the years, RENNtech has built many incredible cars that pushed the boundaries of performance, and has done so with only the highest quality materials and service," offers Chris Alison, CEO of DITEC International. "RENNtech's clients expect the best, and that is very good for DITEC, since we are the only company of our kind to offer a paint preservation system that has been tested and endorsed by the Swedish National Testing Institute (Europe's most respected testing institute), the European AAA, and many others - all of which took many years of testing. Both RENNtech and DITEC are leaders in their fields, and combining the world’s most endorsed paint preservation system with the best high-performance tuning company simply makes that leadership undisputed.”

Alison goes on to explain that DITEC's Paint Preservation System was first introduced in Denmark in 1975. "Since then, DITEC has only enhanced and developed its products and services - today, DITEC's products represent the highest quality of protection and are available only at a select few Authorized DITEC Centers."

With over three decades of experience and hundreds of certified centers in Europe, the DITEC Preservation System has proven to be the most reliable paint preservation system in the world. DITEC's products and services are provided in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Denmark and Portugal and (now) in Florida.

Alison explains that DITEC "increases the gloss value on a new car by 20-40%, and adds clearly visible higher luster and shine. Also, the DITEC reduces the cost of maintenance by up to 90%, and the expenses of waxing and polishing are completely eliminated.

From an environmental point of view, DITEC products are organic and contain no synthetic substances such as Teflon/PTFE and Silicon. A DITEC preserved vehicle does not get as dirty, and only needs to be washed about half as often, so it further reduces (and, in many cases, eliminates) the use of harmful wash chemicals and saves water. The DITEC has also been shown to reduce air resistance on the vehicles, which can provide better fuel efficiency.

The DITEC preservation systems applied at Authorized centers, like RENNtech, are backed by DITEC's 6 year guarantee against oxidation, sun-burn, corrosion, and rust. For more information, please visit the company's web site at www.Ditecusa.com.