how to break a million-dollar car

I'm guessing these guys are union (try to move your own car into Cobo hall for an auto show - see what happens). I'm also guessing these guys are idiots.

All the same, this is terribly tragic for me to watch on a personal level, as that particular SLR McLaren 722GT is supposed to be delivered to ME immediately after the show (good thing someone caught this on tape - now I have a rock-solid insurance claim for that carbon-fiber side skirt!).

In any event, this (repaired) SLR McLaren 722GT will be at RENNTECH for the month of April, and we'll be taking it to Amelia Island, St. Petersburg (for the Festivals of Speed), and the Celebration exotic car weekend. We might take it to the Polo Club, if only to terrify the horses.

More pics to come. You can see the whole, ugly, sordid mess of a disaster now, though: CLICK HERE.