i love palm beach

I keep hearing about truth being stranger than fiction. Well, this isn't really STRANGER than anything I could write ... but it certainly is stupider!

Come to think of it, "stupider" may not be a word ... in any event, it seems that one Mr. Frank Singleton was released from the Palm Beach County jail after having been arrested THE NIGHT BEFORE. Singleton, who later told police that "he didn't want to walk", made his way to the parking lot and attempted to carjack a 23 year-old woman driving a Nissan 350Z.

After wresting the keys from the young woman, Singleton got into the waiting Z ... and just sat there.

Said 350Z was equipped with a 6-speed manual, and Mr. Singleton (Super Genius) does not know how to drive stick.


Once inside the car, Singleton was effectively "cornered" by pastor Leo Krug, who held him at gunpoint until police arrived to make the arrest.

That's right, kids: PASTOR Leo Krug apprehended a carjacker (who can't drive stick) at GUNPOINT in the parking lot of the Palm Beach County Jail.

It doesn't get much better than this.