karting goes commercial

There's going to be some big news coming out of RENNTECH Karting soon ... which is really old news, which was never officially news at all (not really).

Anyway, I've finally found enough time to start updating the RENNTECH and RENNTECH Karting websites, and decided to get rid of some of the more obvious "under construction" pages ... like the online store! As of 6:00PM EST, visiting the RENNTECH Karting site and clicking on "products" will take you to my new "RENNTECH" Cafepress site, which will (shortly) be chock full of fun Karting gear that will make people stop and ask you just how the Wankel engine works ... and if it's really a 4 cycle ... and if it fires 3 times during one rotation or 1 time during a full cycle ... and other boring stuff!

If I sound overly excited, it's because I'm understimulated (the 'spresso machine is WAY over there, after all).

Check it out. Buy stuff.