best. team. ever. (part 1)

At this weekend's Moroso Motorsports Park Summer Enduro series kickoff race (there will be 2 more races, one each in July and August) RENNTECH brought 3 teams, qualified 1st and 3rd, and 11th (RT2, RT1, and RT3, respectively) with drivers Hartmut Feyhl, Freddy Rhemrev, and Dobro Hajek.

We all had a good time (crew photo, above) and totally dominated, finishing 1st, 3rd, and 10th ... had it not been for some phony-baloney "rule" about not getting out of the kart and going after another driver, that is. All told, even a 10 minute penalty couldn't stop Freddy (TEN MINUTES!?) who "officially" finished 4th (significantly LESS than 10 minutes behind Advanced Karting's ringer team of Brazilian F3 drivers), with co-drivers Korey Cress, Dusty Gilbert, and yours truly.

FYI: both Hartmut and Freddy lapped in the high 1:23 area, with the rest of RT1 averaging about 1:27. CLICK HERE for the Flickr page.