mosler mt900 xx

Having spent a few years at Mosler and developing a great working relationship with Rod Trenne and some of the other key players, I have some mixed emotions about the way this car is being put forward (and why now? why not '05?) but those are stories for another day.

Today is Warren's day - and this is far and away the Sikkest bit of all-American kit available anywhere.

(from Autoblog | by Dan Roth)

Warren Mosler has been producing his unique brand of supercar for 20 years now, starting with the unholy ugliness of the Consulier GTP and culminating, at least thus far, with the new MT900 GTR XX seen above. From the quirky-looking Consulier to the much slicker current car, Mosler has never had to make any excuses for his vehicles' performance or advanced construction techniques. They've always been fast, and they've always been on the cutting edge of build science.

This new alphabet-soup Mosler is only available to European buyers, and is essentially a roadgoing version of the MT900 R racer, with the XX suffix designating 20 years of production. The GTR XX is undergoing testing at Florida's Homestead Raceway to dial in the suspension and dynamic tuning of the carbon-fiber-constructed, LS7-powered, scorchingly fast supercar. Once the adjustable coil-overs and swaybars are dialled in, lucky Europeans will be able to put an MT900 GTR XX in their garages.

Mosler fans in the United States will only be able to drool as they gaze across the Atlantic with really powerful binoculars.