it's always sunny somewhere

It's July first, and Sunshine is coming off its biggest month ever with over 900 unique visitors (up from 17 in August). I guess that means it's growing, however slowly, into something a bit more real, and (hopefully) a bit more fun, too. Some friends of mine in Arizona certainly seem to think this little site is something to talk about, and this month will be - for the most part - all about introducing you, dear reader, to them.

For today, allow me to introduce you to Scottsdale tuning firm Dyno-Comp, an outstanding shop that specializes in high-powered turbo and kompressor cars, from STi's to monster RENNTECH V12 Mercedes. CLICK HERE to visit their site.

Ask for Ken if you call.

Next week, I introduce you to Jere. Hold on to your f***ing hats, people, because most of you (I'm sure) have heard the sordid lies, tall tales, urban legends, and epic myths that surround him already - and knowing that this guy is real will do absouletly NOTHING for your self-esteem.

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