fear and loathing in ontario (ontario?)

I miss Hunter Thompson. He was one of the Great writers of any age, and as a Man, HST ranked right up there with Teddy Roosevelt and that guy what karate'd the bear.

As an HST True Believer, I enjoy just about every reference to his Highness that I come across (ha! drug jokes!!), and I absolutely REVEL in the zany antics of his imitators ... even the ones who may have never heard of him!

Enter, then, Mr. James Boppre.

Not be confused with either "the Big Bopper" or "the Mad Canuck" Dave Ross, this Waterloo, Ontario whack-job broke all the rules of his house arrest (oh yeah, he was on house arrest!) when he went for a late-night drive late last month.

Most obviously, HE LEFT HIS HOUSE. Less obviously "wrong", perhaps, Boppre was arrested after crashing into a parked car. At the time of the accident, Boppre was speeding, drunk, high (on crack ... CRACK!), NAKED, and MASTURBATING!!

If THAT wasn't enough to get this guy an award for multi-tasking, the Big Boppre (now that I think about it: why not?) also had a NAKED MASTURBATING HOOKER IN THE CAR WITH HIM!!!

There is no emoticon ...

"And what," you may ask "does any of this have to do with fast cars and South Florida?"

I found the story on Jalopnik.

Those guys are the best.

CLICK HERE for the original article.

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