rhino runner

You think I'm kidding about South Florida being a minor Mecca for auto-enthusiasts? Ha!

Hold on to your f***in' hats, people - because ultra-lightweight Moslers, breathtaking Talbos, heart-stopping Heffners, and dyno-busting RENNTECH Mercedes are just the tip of the motorized iceberg of mechanical mayhem that is born and bred in America's wang.

Today's evidence: the Labock Rhino Runner (above).

The Rhino Runner, built by Advanced Blast Protection in Weston, FL, is the US military's way of transporting troops, prisoners, and VIPs in Irag and Afghanistan. What's really interesting, if I read the website correctly, it that this multi-ton invincible armored juggernaut of a car is NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRIVATE SALE.

Holy balls!

The Rhino Runner is EXACTLY the vehicle I fantasize about smashing through Florida's perpetual I95 gridlock with. It is the vehicle I dream of each and every time some inbred jerk-off in a Ford pickup cuts me off or runs a red light in front of me. In short: it is just the thing to satisfy your inner Alex DeLarge.

I'll be posting a bit more about ABP's Rhino vehicles in the coming weeks, but submit THIS ARTICLE to placate anyone interested enough to read about some of my earlier armored-vehicle exploits. CLICK HERE to visit ABP's official site.

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