ecomusing and more bullsh*t

This is one of my favorite episodes of Penn and Teller's Bullshit series, as it highlights the mythologies and not-so-hidden socio-political agendas of the environmental hysterics.

With all the talk of hybrid this and eco that these last few days (with more to come, I'm sure) I'd like to point out that I absolutely DO NOT believe in some impending global environemental crisis, the doomsday scenarios of the "peak oil" wingnuts, or any other chicken-little theory.

That said, I AM a strong supporter of increasing CAFE standards and firmly believe higher gas prices are good for America.

Without getting too far off track (this is a blog about cars, after all) I will also say this: more efficient vehicles are simply more fun.

If you deny that claim, then admit, at the very least, that efficient vehciles have the potential to be fun - consider the latest crop of electric cars from Tesla and Fisker. That Tesla thing looks like fun ... and putting around Key West on a 100 mpg scooter while you're blowing a 0.22 is a BLAST, I promise!

I mention this because we're building a hybrid now - and, while it will share many characteristics with its wussy green brethren (I'm looking at you, Prius!), it shares more (in spirit) with the Tesla Roadster and a nearly forgotten generation of Group B Audi Quattros and Lancia S4 Deltas. That is: instant torque.

An electric motor hits with all of its available torque at 0 rpm. The INSTANT you "flip the switch", as it were, you are on the move ... and if you have enough batteries on board, you are on the move Very quickly!

Does it save gas?

Sure, it does - but that's just gravy.

The point is to have fun, try new things, remain true to who you are, and not hurt anyone else in the process, you know? To have a car (in this case) that was good at everything you wanted it to be good at, and that didn't make you sacrifice anything you wanted to keep. If only there was some sort of corporate motto or catchphrase that could sum that up ...

I'll think of something. In the meantime, enjoy the Bullshit.

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