awesome 80's childhood: turbo teen

Next on the list of influential cartoons is TurboTeen, and - MAN! - it is just TERRIBLE ... possibly worse than M.A.S.K. (which is still kinda badass).

Anyway, this is the one where the kid is forced off the road and into the path of a secret government experiment that fuses him with his car - so now, whenever he gets hot (or something) he turns into a Camaro ... until he gets wet (or something), then he turns back into a kid.

Somewhere, you just KNOW there is some freshman psyche major going on and On and ON about how the car is a symbol of his sexual inadequacy, and how the firm Red STEEL of his bulging, powerful - carhood? - becomes a soft, pink boy at the merest sight of moisture.

Sounds pretty queer to me - still a fun show.


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