my moroso is my 100th post!

Big changes at Moroso have been underway all year, with Aaron Weiss hoping to make a big splash, build a world-class facility, and attract some Serious race events to a track that has been a longtime favorite of many South Floridians.

Recently, Moroso launched "My Moroso", an actual, honest-to-usefulness service that helps enthusiasts keep up to date with all the latest and greatest happenings at blah blah blah ... it's my 100th post, people!


Can you believe it took me over a YEAR!? Sheesh ... I must have had some kind of actual life for a while, there.

Good thing THAT's over, eh!?

Now that we're in the triple digits - it's time for some Serious mucking up of the blogosphere.

Hold on to your f***ing hats!

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