ever so close to crashing out

Hello, dear reader! It's been some time since my last post - looks like about 2 weeks, I think? Feels like more.

70-hour work weeks are like that.

Anyway: what a miserable, chaotic, Horror of a fortnight it has been for me and the RENN! After this weekend's FOS insanity and last week's GLK SEMA drama, I was almost ready to curl up under the blankiis and cry until my (laughable) savings account dried up.

Maybe longer.

All that changed a few hours ago, however, when I got news that Alonso won in Japan.

It's one of the silly quirks of the male gender that when your horse wins - you win, when your team wins - you win, and when Fernando Alonso wins in a Renault, it is God's love shining down on us and mother Earth delivering her bounty. And this was some really Real love and shining, let me tell you!

See, when Alonso won in Singapore 2 weeks ago, it was the happy highnote that let me survive a blistering Monday filled with threats and treachery - but it was one of those Insane results we've come to expect from F1's 2008 season (a season that has been thus far, filled with tricky corners, bizarre shadows, and blinky-light safety cars).

Alonso's win in Japan was different: Alonso and the newest incarnation of Renault's F1 contender are for real Legit, and I feel great.

It's been a busy few weeks, but if that spic-y little bastard can turn that boat-anchor Renault into a real Winner then THIS spoiled, spic-y little bastard can certainly get his act together enough to get the 'blogs rolling again.

So, to the entire Renault team: thanks for that shot in the arm. Now, go BURY the opposition in China!

For my part, I'll be posting new pics from the GLK build, pics from this weekend's Festivals of Speed in Orlando, and saying goodbye to Yanni - the best intern ever.

Stay tuned!

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