million-dollar blast from the past

While taking in my morning egosurf, I stumbled across this 1994 press release from Mosler Automotive. I'll let the release - covering the original million-dollar challenge - speak for itself, adding only that Warren Mosler is a sick, sick dude, and the world is a better place for that.

Mosler Intruder Debuts at $1 million Challenge


The new Mosler V-8 Intruder out paced all challengers at the 3.7 mile Sebring 12 Hour course on Dec. 3, with a lap time of 2:19.77 seconds, according to SCCA timing and scoring officials.

The event was held in conjunction with TrackTime Performance Driving School with all school participants eligible to challenge the Intruder.
Fifth wheel tests of the Intruder produced a 4.1 second 0 to 60 mph run and an incredible 7.9 second 60 to 120 mph time. The quarter mile was covered in 12 seconds at over 120 mph. "These are excellent times, but only the beginning," said Jeff McComb of Mosler Motorsports.

"The production Intruders will be much quicker...with the incorporation of a limited slip differential and some minor suspension adjustments, we expect to meet our performance target of 3.5 second in the 0 to 60 and an 11.4 second quarter-mile time." The Mosler Intruder is intended to be the quickest performance car manufactured U.S. legal.

The Intruder is powered by a mid-mounted, Lingenfelter tuned, Corvette LT-1 V-8. This 383 cubic inch engine produces 446 hp at 6,500 rpm. The advanced composite monocoque construction, pioneered by Consulier Engineering, results in a total weight of only 2,400 lbs. with A/C, power steering, brakes, windows and locks, CD stereo and telephone. Top speed is expected to exceed 175 mph.

In compliance with the agreement with U.S. Electricar, the Mosler Intruder will not carry the Consulier name. It is currently priced at $98,000. Production will take nine months on a one-off basis as orders are placed.

CONTACT: Mosler Motorsports, Riviera Beach

G. Jeffery McComb

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