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It is the most important vote of our generation - a symbol of generational change and hope for a new era of American greatness.

I speak, of course, of the 2008 SEMA Mercedes-Benz tuner "build-off", where America's premier Euro-tuner RENNTECH plays David to take on the twin Goliaths of Brabus' thousand-man payroll and the marketing power of DuPont publishing.

RENNTECH's GLK 350 Spec.R hybrid rally racer features modifications to cams and heads, combined with full race exhaust and RENNTECH's new 350 composite airbox to produce 350 hp, while the 26KW electric motor adds 40 lb-ft of torque at 0 rpm to help this nimble Sport-utility vehicle get moving.

Visit MBUSA.com/GLK to vote now, and text GLK73 to 48457.

CLICK HERE for photos from the MB reveal.

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  1. Anonymous15.11.08

    Text GLK25 to 48457. The renn isn't the only Florida GLK in the competition and certainly not the best.