dear god no

Some places are just weird.

It is true that, sometimes, you can chalk that "dis ain't raaht" feeling up to good, old-fashioned 'Muricanism ... but sometimes things are just weird.

Case in point: France. Trust me on this one, France is a weird place. Still, there is French weird, and then there is this otherworldly French-CANADIAN sort of weird vibe that inspires people to drive from Quebec to Florida at 40 mph with their left blinkers on.

It is that strange sort of vibe that one gets when you cross crepes and moose, I believe, that led to this P1800 Volvo/Geo Tracker hybrid.

That's right: there's a Suzuki Sidekick/Geo Tracker hiding under that thing.

There are no words.


Technically, there ARE words - but they're in French, so make of it what you will.

volvo 1961 p1800 modifier avec mécanique suzuki moteur 1.3 fonctionelle 4 par 4 low et high ou 2 par 4. les pneus sont neuf peinture refait été 2008. plaquer promenade ,elle ne passe pas inaperçu! pour plus dinfo contacter sylvain au 819 623 120

CLICK HERE to buy the thing.

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