ebay find of the millennium

Three-and-a-half-million American dollars. Granted, the dollar is not what it once was, but you've gotta figure three (and-a-half!) million of pretty much anything will leave a fair dent in the average guy's savings account.

All the same, I desperately want this little piece of crazy, and if it were at all in reach I'd be deep in hock trying to scramble the cash together.

Reading through the listing (HERE) it looks like the little Aerocar (serial no. 2, tail number N103D) last passed FAA flight inspection in 1976.

Good enough for me! Make Detroit's bailout contingent on making THESE dealies, then start to click like madness on those Google ad links at right, and don't stop 'til morning!

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  1. Franktastic5.12.08

    It's very cute with or without the wings. That's what's important, right? It totally goes with your personality. : )