new slr is made of win!

See that? That super-sexy, extra-long hood over-compensating slice of automotive heaven up there?

It's not a dream. I see it, too.

These press shots are the most exciting pictures (of a car) I've seen in months ... maybe years.

In short: what you see here are Mercedes' first official photos of the new, 650 hp, limited-edition, million-dollar Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Sterling Moss speedster. Named for the famous racing driver who took the original Mercedes SLR to its historic Mille win back in 1955, this new SLR is the lightest, fastest, and most powerful factory SLR to date; and, at 750,000 Euro, the SLR Sterling Moss is also the most expensive car yet from either McLaren and Mercedes.

I've covered this car before (HERE, HERE, and HERE) and have to say, MB does not disappoint.

Also not disappointing: I've gotten confirmation that at least two (2) are coming to the RENN for the full 722 hp PKG. I'll post dyno figures as soon as the first one lands.


Sterling Moss is also the indirect namesake of the SLR 722 (Moss' SLR wore "722" on its doors during the race).

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