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The car above is actually pretty neat. See, in addition to being a Mercedes-Benz W219 CLS - which was the first of the "four-door coupes" to hit the market ... by quite a few years! - the car above is also the first car with a MATTE FINISH to be sold by a major manufacturer.

The whole "matte black" thing has been a long time coming, and I remember Jose Llerra's flat-black Dodge Ram being one the baddest vehicles I'd ever seen. That was way back in 1998, kids, when I lived in Tampa ... I think Whitney was, what? Nine?

In any event, eMercedes-Benz has posted the full press release, along with a great photo gallery. CLICK HERE for that article (although they pretty much miss the significance of the matte finish entirely).

It seems to me that a major automaker offering a "flat" color like this on a luxury car can only mean one thing: flat has gone mainstream - and is no longer cool.

In a few short years, you'll be able to buy a flat black Chevy Malibu with whitewall tires on red steel rims ... and I will buy one. This is both because I am an idiot, and because I have a very warm affection for all things Rockabilly.

Mostly that first one.

Still, you heard it here first: FLAT BLACK PAINT IS NOT HARDCORE!

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