inspired cycling

It's been a busy couple of weeks here in Ohio, with a visit from Frankie and getting "up to speed" with Sunil and Akram taking up my attention, it feels like I haven't had a spare minute.

That's not true, of course - I have plenty of spare minutes, just not enough motivation - which brings me to the clip above.

THAT guy, who happens to be pro rider Danny MacAskill, seen seems pretty motivated. Get some popcorn or something handy before you sit down to watch the thing (it'll take a while, since you'll probably hit rewind and watch it about 9 times, in total), and get ready for some of the most amazing riding you've ever seen.

Keep in mind: I could totally do all of that, if I really wanted to. Swear.

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  1. Damn that was cool,,,Its now your fault if I ride my bike down the stairs and kill myself.