the beaver says 6 more weeks of winter

Last week, on the drive home from seeing Hobbes and Yuly in Chicago, I was caught in my very first honest-to-goodness crazy snowfall somewhere near Notagaoddamnthing, Indiana. The mighty Routan and I pushed through the weather, barely in time to meet up with Andy and Kyle and deliver them to Beaverun Motorsports Park, where they would be driving Tym Switzer's latest.

After a few dozen "beaver" jokes (Ha! Beaver!), it was time to get down to business and drive the Cars.

Just then: snow. The stuff had followed me all the way from Lake Forest, IL and would not quit - but, did that stop the Jalopniks from storming down the front straight like a million-pound shithammer?

No. No, it did not.

Hats off to JR (aka "JTR") for being such a good sport and letting us drive his P800 in such rotten luck weather. Nerves of Steel, that one.

In the end, we had a good time hanging out with those guys, and don't want to take any more away from them (even if they won't let me drown them in a Fiesta), so click on one of the pics, or just CLICK HERE for the original article and hi-res photo gallery.


There were other cars at "the Beave" that day - oh, yes! You'll have to wait until May to find out what it were.

Also, I pilfered the latest Sunshine banner (above) from Andy's EXCELLENT in-car photo gallery. Great shots, man. Really.

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