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Between posting some incredible, techno-tastic video of his Switzer-tuned 997tt tip obliterating most of Moscow's exotic cars and posting pictures with such creative titles as "SPI Bitches UGLY" (above), Mike from TTR is quickly becoming one of my favorite people.

These pics are from a "top speed" event held in Russia this past weekend, where Michael claims he "killed" a any number of tuned Benzos, Vipers, and even a Heffner-built turbo GT similar to the one pictured HERE.

Given this pic (below), I can believe it.

Keep in mind, Mike's driving a Switzer 700/750 997TT Tip car that, earlier this month, ran a 10.4 second 1/4 mile on 93 octane. On a 10.6 second run stateside, a similar car pulled 1.5 g's at launch.

So, yeah - I'm a believer! You can see more great pics of Russian exotics (and not-so ugly girls) from this event HERE, HERE, and HERE.

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