not dead yet

And there you have it - after more than a month neglecting Sunshine, I'm back.


See, there've been quite a number of goings-on in my part of the world, both personally and professionally, that have kept me more than a little occupied these recent weeks. Soon, however, very soon, all will be revealed - and maybe some of you will have seen it coming.

In the meantime, after so much time away I feel like I should at least touch on some of the bigger stories of the past month. I feel like I should mention something about Mikey Shoemaker's abortive return to glory, like I should have some comment on the 230 mpg Chevy Vaporwear Volt, or maybe talk about all of the "growing pains" we've been having at Switzer, that sort of thing.

I won't, though ... and maybe that's saying something after all.

SO, how then, do I return to form? What bit of news, what happening, what shocking new development or amazing vehicle has pushed me back into the blogosphere?

I'm glad you asked!

Video below - enjoy!

That's right, people: 2.93 RWHP! Woo-hoo!

Strapping a 50 cc Honda Ruckus to a dyno is probably the most fun you can have with my pants on, I assure you.

Finally - since it has been my bread and butter these past months - I think I will post another link to the Switzer Blog after all.

More big news coming soon though, True Believers, so stay tuned.

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