friday fun day - the thank you edition

Recently, I had the opportunity to take two of Switzer's most powerful automobiles out to the storied Nelson Ledges roadcourse in Warren, OH. Thanks to track manager Scott Lane, I was allowed to bring along photographer Dustin Woods, auto-journo Cherise LaPine, and - of course - the Great Jack Baruth, who pushed the 800 hp GT2 Porsche to speeds that would have put him, if not on the pole of the last SCCA ITE race held there, then very near the front row.

That's quite a feat, when you consider the Tymme-tuned GT2 was on street Michelins and Jack was taking the car's owner, David Kim, along for the ride, as well!

If you're into it, you can read more about Jack's impressions of the GT2 on Speed:Sport:Life. I can't do his (or LaPine's!) review of the day any sort of justice here.

I haven't said anything about Dustin's thoughts on the day, since - quite simply - I haven't read them, yet! I have, however, seen a few Great teaser pics he took of the cars on-track (above and below) and I can't wait to see the ones he'll actually be using in his review!

Once Dustin's article hits print, you can bet I'll link to it here - until then, I just want to offer my sincerest thanks to Cherise (who put in a heroic all-night drive to be a part of our little Nelson Ledges Friday Fun Day), Jack (who has proven time and again to be the best go-to guy in Ohio), and - of course! - Dustin himself, who drove out from Toronto TWICE to be a part of this. Thanks, as well, to JR and David, who trusted us with a few hundred g's worth of high-end automotive machinery.

Really, too many "thank yous" to go around, and I'm sure I'm forgetting people. All I can say is that I really had a blast. You guys are the best!

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  1. Pleasure was all mine! Can't wait to see Dustin's article!